Welcome to the Thurston County 4-H Dog Project


Thurston County 4-H Dog Project has several different 4-H clubs located in Thurston County, WA. Clubs generally hold meetings at least once a week. Members learn about caring for dogs, obedience training, agility training, showmanship, public speaking, leadership, and community service.


Throughout the year, clubs will hold business meetings (without dogs) where members discuss upcoming activities and events, working meetings (with dogs) where members learn about training and prepare for upcoming competitive events, educational meetings (without dogs) where members learn about dog breeds, parts and anatomy, health issues, grooming, caring for their dogs, and public speaking. Members will also participate in community service projects, local parades, dog camp (every other year), go on field trips to dog shows, and participate in county-wide obedience, showmanship, and agility competitions. The culmination of the 4-H year is the Thurston County Fair. Members who qualify, may then go on to participate at the State 4-H Fair in Puyallup.


Developing leadership skills is an important part of the 4-H Youth Development program.


To learn more about the 4-H Dog Project,  please fill out the Contact Us form or contact the Thurston County 4-H Office at (360) 867-2157.